Foot Massage (60 Min.) INR 2,700*

The art of reflexology applies medium pressure to specific points on the feet that correspond to the body’s vital organs. By stretching and manipulating the feet , reflexology corrects imbalances and gives a wonderful sense of relaxation to the most neglected part of our bodies.

Thai Foot Massage with Herbal Compress (60 Min.) INR 3,100*

A relaxing foot massage combined with warm Thai herbal compress to stimulate pressure points and ease muscle and joint aches.

5 Stars Arabic Russian Massage Parlour in Aerocity Foot Express (30 Min.) INR 1,500*

Aromatic – Re-Energizing – Limited reflexology

This quick therapy is designed for those running out of time. Experience the sheer pleasure of a specific massage for the feet and lower leg in a compact way.

Hands & Feet

Basic Manicure INR 1200* Basic Pedicure INR 1300*
Spa Manicure INR 1,500* Spa Pedicure INR 1,600*
Nail Cut and Filing INR 200* Nail Polish INR 200*

*Prices are Exclusive of Government Taxes